Spring 13 Fashion Trends & Tips

Monday, January 14, 2013

1- Black and white was all over the runway in September for Spring 13 fashion week. It is going to be a huge trend to see the mixing of the two for a chic approach to color blocking. Of course when you are going for such a clean look you need to make sure the execution is flawless by keeping the colors spotless and steamed. I love the Rowenta Steamstation because it is both an iron and a steamer, perfect when there is a mix of delicate and more structured fabrics.

2- Fashion did not have enough fun and glamour with the holiday season and have decided to bring a bit of the glamor into Spring with jeweled embellishments. These are especially popular on collars, waistbands and cuffs. Although small I would not call them subtle as the chunky embellishments definitely make a statement. I recommend choosing pieces that are placed in areas you what to show off. Example, if you have a beautiful face show off a neck detail, a small waist then choose an embellished waistband or great arms then go with a cap sleeve with embellished cuffs.

3- It is the season to go green, both literally and figuratively. We are all trying to do our part to help the environment and this season we can show it off in our clothing. Not only in the color green a big color for the season but designers are choosing to work with materials that are sustainable. I devoted a whole second line to working with organic bamboo jersey that I hand dye in ways that is safe for the environment, Sittella. These pieces are easy to throw in the wash and give a quick steam and they are comfortable and stylish. I recommend the Rowenta hand held steamer for an easy steam; its small, heats up quick and lightweight.

4- Macrame and laser cuts were also another trend that was frequently spotted on the runway. These pieces are beautiful, feminine and chic but can be extremely expensive! Some cost saving tips include looking for pieces where a small portion of the garment is macrame or laser cut such as the sleeves, or if you love the detailed look all over look choose a fabric alternative such as lace or embroidered cotton with eyelets. If you are in love with a luxury fabric but not willing to pay the luxury price then purchase the fabric from a specialty fabric store and take it to a seamstress or sew up a simple dress yourself!

5- Bold prints have been popular for the past few seasons and this season is no exception. Even more surprising is that floral prints are growing in popularity. Although a bit intimidating floral prints are actually extremely easy to wear. Choose a non literal floral print as those can come across a bit dated and I recommend picking a silhouette that fits loose to the body and adding a belt if you feel a bit lost in it. Of course, this is another piece that I recommend giving a quick steam. Rowenta has a new steamer with a hanger and netting attached so you can protect your hands from getting burned!

6- Haven’t had time to swap out your winter wardrobe for spring? No worries, just roll up your jeans or pants for an instant spring look! This relaxed look is pulled together with cute oxford shoes or a great pair of flats and an easy t-shirt, light weight sweater or oversized blazer.

7- There has always been the trend of wearing your boyfriends tee or button up and now there is your boyfriend’s pants! Skinny jeans and straight legs are not going anywhere anytime soon but oversized pants are also gaining popularity. This style looks great in various fabrications and looks from wide leg silk (make sure they are long enough to hit the floor, if flooding opt to wear with flats in stead!) to cargo pants (looks great rolled with heels). Most importantly when wearing anything oversized it needs to be pressed or steamed to avoid looking like a slob! Nothing with take this look from chic to total mess faster then fabric wrinkles!