Fall Style Tips!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This fall I was inspired by space, cosmic signs, and all of the mystery that comes along with it. Moving into fall I think we will still keep the idea of color and mix matched prints that was a popular trend for summer but keep it a little more subdued for fall.

A few other trends I foresee are maxi dresses. I think the simpleness, and elegance with be continued into fall but with use of different materials (think silk instead of jersey) and darker colors.

New interpretations of the peplum. The peplum has been popular for a few seasons so while I think that exact shape might get retired soon I think we can expect to see some fabric manipulations on dresses to create some shape. Look out for asymmetrical peplums or the layering of multiple peplums.

Purple is definitely an ‘it’ color for fall (I am not talking lavender rather deep shades of purple with more of a gem tone) It works well with the general blacks and grays that we see a lot of in the fall while still giving a pop of color. I used a lot of this color in my fall 13 collection and it has been a favorite.